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  • "After my experience with this bail bond company, I must say - these guys are the best. The best professionals I have ever experienced. They left me speechless through their quick service and unbeatable responsiveness. After the paperwork done, they made me understand about the situation. I found this company very reliable and easy to deal with. It was an outstanding experience with these guys. Thanks for the top notch service. Highly recommended!"

    David S. Waco, TX
  • "Super nice and friendly, very fast and helpful…They make a very stressful situation a little easier. I would recommend them to anyone!!"

    B. D.Austin, TX
  • "Charles Jr and family could not be nicer and more considerate. They took very good care of me and made a horrible experience come to an end. If you ever need this type of service, call them. I highly recommend Pickens Bail Bonds without reservation."

    Donna JWoodway, TX
  • "Very friendly and helped me manage a horrible situation. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and understanding of my situation, they were very fast and did everything they said they would do. I would highly recommend anyone using Pickens Bail Bonds!"

    Tanya K. Waco, TX
  • "We used these guys and they were great. Very much informative, quick & helpful service."

    Oliver R. Waco, TX
  • "There was a very stressful event going on in my uncle’s life, he was arrested. The bail was set for $60,000 and I knew from then that I needed to find a reliable bond company. A friend of mine told me about Pickens’s Bail Bonds. They really helped me with the paperwork and went over the bond process in length, insuring that I understood what I was signing up for and responded to all the queries I had. Overall this was a very pleasant transaction. I really recommend this company for anyone wanting professional service."

    Toni Waco,TX
  • "They were very nice people they answered all questions and this my first time to use them. I would recommend them to anyone getting a bond. If someone needs a bonds man Pickens Bail is the way to go."

    John M. Waco, TX
  • "Very quick and helpful service. I got the impression that they really cared! I would definitely recommend Pickens Bail Bonds."

    Amanda G. Waco, TX
  • "Charlie was very understanding to my situation. He was very nice, thorough, and professional throughout the entire ordeal. I recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in trouble to call him."

    Tiffany B. Waco, TX
  • "When we have clients who need a bond, we send them to Pickens Bail Bonds. Great people, who stay on top of their cases."

    Walter R.Waco, TX
  • "Friendly and knowledgeable. Easy to work with."

    Melissa P. Waco, TX
  • "Such a very nice, nice, man! His son, too! They are both very courteous and understanding of my son's situation, and was so compassionate! It wasn’t just about the money, he treated me so kind, and was very understanding of this mother's tears!! Professional, yet compassionate!!"

    Debbie C.Waco, TX
  • "I felt they were very great and fast I would recommend these people to anybody who needs help and down on their luck."

    Krystle W. Waco, TX
  • "Best bondsman in central Texas always helped me when I needed help. Awesome people."

    Matt W. Waco, TX