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You've just learned a friend or loved one is in jail.

  • Get all of the Information

    What jail is your family member or friend being held at?
    Is it a county or federal facility?
    What was the charge?
    What is the person’s full legal name?

  • Call us at 254-755-7589 or Toll Free at 1-877-742-2245

    Our experienced, kind, and helpful staff is available 24/7 to answer your calls. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form right here on our website and we will give you a call as soon as possible (usually within 5-10 minutes). Be ready to tell us everything you know about the situation so that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible. We’ll ask you some basic questions relating to who, what, where, and why the person is in custody. We will also ask you a few questions about the personal history of the person being held: where they work, whether they have any previous arrests, and how long they have lived at their current residence.

Going to Jail
  • Stay Home and Be Ready For Calls

    We will probably need to contact you several times. Go to your home or someplace where you can stay for a while and receive telephone calls. Be sure you know the telephone number where you are staying. There is normally no need for you to go to the jail at this time. The person has to be processed, which can take several hours. Persons who have just been arrested are usually not eligible to see visitors.

Stay Calm and Leave the Rest to Us.

Try to remain calm – our team is working on your situation as fast as the law allows. We’re here to take the worries off your shoulders during this difficult time. We have helped thousands of clients over the last 20 years, and we maintain a good working relationship with all the jails in the area. We know exactly how to help you and we will make sure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

As soon as we get the information from you, we will call the facility where the person is being held, figure out the exact bail information, and develop a plan to get the person released. We will be sure to keep you updated throughout the entire process and answer any questions you might have.